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Panel Chat Examples


Examples using Panel and its Chat Components; Panels chat components are multi modal and supports LangChain, OpenAI, Mistral, Llama, etc.


Panels Chat Components are available with pip install "panel>=1.3.0"; most examples require pip install "panel>=1.4.0".

Quick Start

It's super easy to get started with Panel chat components.

  1. Setup imports
  2. Define a function to dictate what to do with the input message
  3. Define a servable widget with callback=response_callback
# 1.)
import panel as pn

# 2.)
def response_callback(input_message: str, input_user: str, instance:
    # choose your favorite LLM API to respond to the input_message
    response_message = f"Echoing your input: {input_message}"
    return response_message

# 3.)


Open in GitHub Codespaces


To install and serve all examples:

git clone
cd panel-chat-examples
pip install -e ".[all]"  # or instead of `all`, just `openai`, `mistralai`, `langchain`, `llamaindex`, `llamacpp`
# Optionally set the OPENAI_API_KEY environment variable
panel serve docs/examples/**/*.py --static-dirs thumbnails=docs/assets/thumbnails --autoreload

Then open http://localhost:5006 in your browser.

Panel Index Page


We would ❤️ to collaborate with you. Check out the DEVELOPER GUIDE for to get started.


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.